Goldilocks Christianity

Goldilocks Christianity

Many people remember the children’s story called Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  In this story, Goldilocks tried out three bowls of porridge, three chairs, and three beds.  When Goldilocks tried out each of these, the “in-between” choice was always chosen by Goldilocks to be the best one out of the three.

In the example of the bowls of porridge, one bowl was too hot and one was too cold.  The lukewarm bowl of porridge though was “just right”.  It was neither hot nor cold, but rather lukewarm.  Nevertheless, the lukewarm bowl was the one that Goldilocks did not spew out of her mouth because the lukewarm porridge was "just right".

Most Christians today are in basic agreement with Goldilocks.  They think that lukewarm religion is "just right".  Such Christians do not want to be “cold” like "those sinners out there".  They also don't want to be "hot" like those Independent Fundamental Baptists and others who say that Jesus and the Bible come first.  No, they believe that lukewarm Christianity is the “j-u-u-u-s-t right” type of religion to have.

Hot Christianity to such "Goldilocks Christians" is like hot porridge.  If it is too hot, it might burn the tongue.  If it is too hot, It might make them feel uncomfortable.  If it is too hot, it might cause them to lose some friends, or perhaps lose some time that they would otherwise be watching soap operas or "American Idol" on TV.

Those who take Jesus and The Bible seriously are therefore to be shunned, ridiculed, and avoided at all cost.  "Lukewarm is better"!  After all, “you would not want to be accused of being "too radical" now, would you?”

Is this what you think?  Do you think that lukewarm Christianity is better than being either hot or cold?  What does Jesus think about Christians being lukewarm?  In the Book of Revelation, Jesus said that He would rather that you were either hot or cold.  As a lukewarm Christian, Jesus makes a promise to you in Revelation Chapter 3 that He will one day “spue thee out of my mouth”.

Now, you say, "Jesus did not really mean that, did He?  Doesn’t Jesus think that Goldilocks Christianity is the best – the good old lukewarm kind of religion?"

No, I am sorry.  Jesus does not think that your lukewarm Christianity is best.  In fact, Jesus abhors the kind of lukewarm Christianity that is all too common in today's Laodicean Age.  Jesus said that He will spit your lukewarm Christianity out of His mouth.  Do you really want for Jesus to spit you of out of His mouth one Day?

In all likelihood, you are still lost and on the road to Hell.  That is the real reason you desire to be lukewarm instead being hot.  But you will probably protest that you have "prayed a prayer" or done some other "good work" in order to try to earn you own salvation.  Nevertheless, the Bible says that all of your righteousness works are "filthy rags" before God.  Your good works will not save you.  Only Jesus can save you.  Therefore, trust Jesus to save you from your sins.

But where is Jesus?  Well, He is certainly not “down in your heart”.  Jesus is up in Heaven, sitting at the right hand of God.  If you are trusting in a “little bitty Jesus” who is “down in your heart”, then you have trusted a false Christ, and not the real Christ who is up in Heaven right now.  You are therefore on the road to Hell.  Trust the real Jesus.

If you have trusted a Jesus that is floating around in the air, then you have trusted the “God of this World” -- who is Satan.  Trust Jesus instead.  If you are trusting in a dead Jesus who died 2000 years ago, then I have news for you – He is Risen! Jesus rose from the grave and ascended up into Heaven, where Jesus is right now.  Jesus will come back to Earth to judge the world and set up His Kingdom.

Trust the real Jesus.  Let Him save you from all of your sins.  If you try to pay for some of them yourself, then you will die in your sins and go to Hell.  No, the Catholics are wrong.  You cannot help Jesus to save you by your doing some of the saving yourself by your "good works".  Just trust Jesus, and He will pay for all of your sins.  Jesus paid it all.  Trust Jesus today.  Then get into a good Fundamentalist Baptist church and live for Jesus.  Trust Jesus.  Do it today!